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Let's Be Honest

A non profit and non political initiative

(Established in 2000 by Dr. Md. Manirul Islam)

Our Inspiration

About Us

The need for honesty in the individual, family and society is paramount for living in peace and harmony. But lack of honesty or corruption is visible almost everywhere in our society. The later is thwarting all our good efforts often and hindering economic development, social justice and peace. Corruption has become an integral part of our culture and bribery is often no longer considered an immoral act. On the other hand, bribery is often regarded as a vital force for the work to be done. Currently corrupt people are considered to be more efficient than the honest people and honest people are not properly evaluated. Moreover, honest people sometimes face oppression, humiliation and shame in the society. Even in such a hostile environment, there are honest people at all levels of our society who are the beacons for us. We want to be a mean of extending a helping hand to each other among these few respected honest people, and to share their sufferings and debacles if any. Through this, we want to promote honesty in society and reduce the suffering of honest people; thus want to build a fair society.

In addition to this handful honest persons, there are a great number of people in our society who first tries to remain honest. But later, to avoid conflict and pressure, they  are forced to give in. We want to bring them back into the company of honest persons mentioned earlier. We believe, this companionship would encourage them to return to the right path.


We want to change how to look at life. Looking at life through worldly things often leads to wrong path. Changing the way we look at life and focusing more on hereafter  would motivate towards and inspire honesty in today's society where honesty is rare and corruption is rampant.

We also want to establish a non conducive social environment for the corrupt so that they will be demotivated and come back to the right path.


We carry out various socio-religious activities (medical including mental health services, education, research and other services such as monthly psycho-religious discussion, publication of relevant books and giving interest free loans to  individuals who fulfil our criteria) to help each other to live in peace and promote honesty in the society. Our lives are transient, so are our needs. One day, our social standing, our education and our resources will not work if we fail to do at least some good work for the society with the intent of ensuring peace hereafter. Let's join hands and support each other. May Allah protect us from all forms of injustice and help us all to live in peace here and hereafter.

If you are interested for the sake of yourself, your family and your society please join us filing the form following the link given with the button 'I would like to join'.

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Your contribution (giving time or any other way you would like to; we do not accept any money) can help to build a better society

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